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What is fido?

FIDO (Feminism in Design Office) is born as an alliance between women and the design sector. Its aim is to create a space and network for support, knowledge, learning and professional growth.*

Our Manifiesto

FIDO is not just a women’s project nor is it just for women. We believe in the transforming power of feminism and design to achieve equality, accessibility and enjoyment of rights and equal and inclusive societies.

We learn together

We come from different backgrounds and experiences, that is why we want to work from sisterhood and not from competition among ourselves; from care and not from violence and from respect for the times we live in and our lives. We create tools that aim to reinforce confidence and professional growth to create a space of trust and security. Therefore, our main goal is to generate a network for collaborations and projects.

Diversity and non-discrimination

At FIDO we are intersectional and aware of the diversity of women, of the different contexts and problems, and that inequality affects us in different ways. We want diversity to help us move forward by inciting change and establishing good professional practices in institutions and organizations.


At FIDO we believe in building a professional sector that respects the environment, and the people and communities in which we do our work. That is why we try to make our decisions and achieve our projects in the most conscious way we can.

Accessibility and inclusion

At FIDO we value the importance of design as a way of narrating/relating the world, for that reason, we believe in a project that is open to everyone.
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* Fido also stands for Fog Investigation and Dispersal Operation. It was a system used for dispersing fog and dense smog from an airfield so that aircraft could land safely.

Who is part of FIDO?


Gloria Ruiz

Art historian and independent curator focused on cultural interpretations by the means of Design and Visual Arts. She is founder and director of Brief Festival, an annual event fostering Design and Creativity since 2014.



María Carmona

Founded of her own creative studio in 2010. As a multidisciplinary agency, she puts art direction at the forefront of her goals and works in a cross-disciplinary way between different fields of the design, always trying to work with humour and her hands.



Paloma Almodóvar

Designer and creative strategist based in Barcelona specialised in content. Her work revolves around designing innovative experiences for brands and communities all around the world.




Margherita Visentini is a Madrid-based storyteller and content creator. Co-founder of Polpettas On Paper magazine and The Magazine Club, as freelance writer she contributes to different media for the arts and culture sectors.


Irene zugasti

Political Scientist, Journalist and Master in International Relations. She has developed her career in the Spanish public administration, working towards creating policies for gender equality.

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Malena Suerio

Why does FIDO exist?

Actividad subvencionada por el Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte.

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