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María Carmona

Founded of her own creative studio in 2010. As a multidisciplinary agency, she puts art direction at the forefront of her goals and works in a cross-disciplinary way between different fields of the design, always trying to work with humour and her hands.


Tessa plays with our appetite for games and composes live and particular sets. Composition, colors, slow motion, transitions: her work is entirely orchestrated to catch our hungry gaze for a treasure of ideas. Obsessed with detail, Tessa hypnotizes the viewer through film, photography, art direction and artistic executions.
Her work goes beyond the absurd distinction between beauty and ugliness, true and false, real or fake, good and evil. Currently working a lot with film with her duo XOXO directors, she is focusing her personal trajectory towards more improvised and artistic terrains.

Becky Casado Frankel

I’m a Art Director & Creative Director with experience working in the USA and internationally. I work in advertising, film, TV broadcast, for production houses, startups, luxury, tech companies and corporate entities. I bring the human touch to projects I work on with a focus on strong visual & narrative storytelling.

María Paz Serra

I’m a creative director, filmmaker & photographer. I always aim to discover the story behind an image.

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