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Make yourself at Home Barcelona

We had the pleasure to have our first Make Yourself at Home in Barcelona with two wonderful women: Nicole Vindel

Digging into design: Khyati Trehan Play’s

Khyati Trehan is an Indian freelance graphic designer and 3D visual artist, she currently lives and works in New Delhi.

Digging into design: Gossamer magazine by Kristina Bartošová

Kristina Bartošová, and the editorial project she’s working on, Gossamer magazine. Kristina Bartošová is a Slovak graphic designer and art

Digging into design: Shivani Parasnis Heritage Month campaign for Spotify

Digging into design: Laura Knoops

Laura Knoops is a French-Belgian-Swiss designer and creative director, based between Berlin and Paris. Laura studied visual communication and design

Digging into design: Strelka Institute’s visual identity by Anna Kulachek

Two months after the outbreak of the war, we had the chance to reach out to Anna Kulachek, a brilliant

Digging into design: Marylou Faure’s Nobody’s baby

Marylou Faure is a French freelance illustrator and artist currently based in London. Very colorful illustrations most likely portraying women

A little chat with Eva Sánchez

Eva Sánchez is a UX/UI digital designer based in Barcelona. She started her career studying graphic design in Tenerife and

Digging into design: Jazlyn Fung’s Happy Fat Font

Jazlyn Fung is a typeface designer originally from Hong Kong and currently based in Melbourne, Australia. In her hometown she

A little chat with Puli Arancibia

Puli Arancibia is Creative Director and Founder of fagerström, an independent design studio based in Madrid, specialized in brand identity,

Fido’s official Launch Party

We pleasure to host the first Fido encounter in Espacio Ucrania. So many amazing people came together to share the

Digging into design: The Rodina’s visual identity for CARA

As part of FIDO contents, we’re gathering here some women designers to talk about some of their works. The Case

63% of graphic design festival speakers are men

When contacting speakers for the festival she found that women were more likely to turn down this type of opportunity.

A little chat with Stephanie Specht

We talked to graphic designer Stephanie Specht about her background,  her design process, how she runs her studio and questions

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We want to become the largest directory of woman designers.

Digging into design: Marta Cerdà’s cover for Vogue

As part of FIDO contents, we’re gathering here some women designers to talk about some of their works. The Case

An infographic about women’s self-confidence perception

This piece is centred all around the work confidence gap that undeniably exists and what the perception is through the

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