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Research:Mushroom Worker

Here a little bit of research on women, creativity and gender inequality

©Maria Carmona

Does it sound familiar the feeling of being unable to reach everything: work, house, relationships, etc while your (male) colleagues seem to live with everything under control and without any other responsibility that could interfere with their work? It’s not a feeling, it’s a phenomenon.  For people to be successful in the job market (usually men) others (almost always women) take care of non-remunerated work and do everything that those “successful professional men” don’t do: cleaning, domestic logistics plus care and reproductive work
In a way, the job market itself is based on inequalities.

Mushroom worker
is a concept raised by the theorist Amaia Pérez Orozco that exemplifies that phenomenon: men always well dressed, well fed and perfectly able to start their day and… they pop like mushrooms!

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Boatcă, Roth (2015). Unequal and gendered: Notes on the coloniality of citizenship

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